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Attachment formats and sizes accepted + Spell check

Carl Hennig_1
Trusted Contributor

Attachment formats and sizes accepted + Spell check

Is there a list of accepted formats the Attachments option will accept? I tried a ZIP file and it was rejected.

Is the size limit still 1MB?

Is there or will there be a method to attach multiple files to one post? Keeping within the maximum size limit.


Spell check question:

Where are the "learned" words stored?

Will there be a choice of English dictionaries?

If there is a spelling error in the Subject or the body text is larger than the window, the Spell Checker cannot scroll through the body to bring a spelling error in view. 




Re: Attachment formats and sizes accepted + Spell check

Carl - regarding your attachment questions:


Currently, we allow one attachment of up 5MB per post.  The allowable file types you can upload as attachments are: jpg, gif, pdf, png, txt, ps, prn, pcl, and xps.  We're focused on image and text-based attachments right now, as we feel that those are the most important for assisting other community members with troubleshooting.  Executable file types (or types that could contain executables, such as .zip or .rar) will likely not be supported.


The maximum file size and types allowed are subject to change based on both security concerns as well as the needs of the community.


For the spell check components:

"Learned" words are stored for each user in a browser cookie.  Currently, we don't have plans for additional dictionaries, but that could certainly change.  And the point about the spell check scrolling issue is something we've noticed, and I will follow up if I have any additional information on the issue.

I work for HPE.