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Excessive Whitespace on reply.

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Excessive Whitespace on reply.

This topic is similar to the one started by Bill Hassel about whitespace in listings but different.

I justed replied to a topic where I need to see the original text, which was there, but the first line was more than 1000 pixels down from the top of my screen and thus invisible on most laptops (without scrolling.

My text box was roughly from 500 - 700 pixels.

So that's 1/5 of the screen for the important part, and 4/5 for the fluff. Is that reasonable?


Suggestions 'top - down'

  1. I guess 'corporate policy' and common look & feel  require the 178 pixels of black frame. ok.
  2. Drop the Search box for a post/reply screen. That's 40 pixels high, 1000 pixels of white wide.
  3. Leave the navigation, but tighten the space.
  4. Drop the 'Reply to Message' / 'New Message' ( see next). That's 40 pixels 
  5. Replace the bolded "Post Message" with 'Reply to Message' / 'New Message' 
  6. Put the subject on the line with the subject label, and drop the line with 'Body'. That's 70 pixels.
  7. If you have to put the [body] label between the 'rich text'/'Preview' tabs and 'spell check' button.
  8. Tighten 'Attachments ... 10 pixels
  9. Make 'Remove' and 'Add' become [x] and [+] buttons inline with 'choose'. That's 50 pixels.
  10. Make 'View discussion in a popup a button in line with [cancel] [post]. An other 50 pixels.
  11. Make "replying to:"  part of the top sub-frame line consistent  with 'Attachments' and 'Post'. 20 pixels
  12. Hire a good UI engineer ((feel), with some, but less focus on graphic design (looks) 

The above adds to 300 pixels saved, and I'm barely trying! That's 1/2 the useable part of the screen on many a laptop.


Good luck!




Re: Excessive Whitespace on reply.

Hein - thanks for the input on the post message page.  I'll pass that along to our UI folks - I won't promise that we'll be able to implement your suggestions right away, but I will tell you we've already got a pretty substantial redesign of the community in development.  We had hoped to have it released prior to the ITRC migration, but timing dictated that the migration had to occur first.  Not sure exactly when it will be available, but we'll share more as soon as we can.


But I do appreciate the detailed feedback/suggestions, and I will be sure your information gets to the right people!

I work for HPE.