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Google search goes nowhere

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Google search goes nowhere

Are you trying to drive business away? I use Google search to search on issues. Now I go to the google and get a redirect message that send me to a useless site where I can find nothing!  Your tech support is lousy and now you've cut me off from geting input from other users. PUT IT BACK LIKE IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Randall
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Re: Google search goes nowhere

I'm not with HP so please - don't shoot the messenger.  The official line from HP seems to be that once Google gets all their indexing done and the cache gets flushed, links will work again so just be patient. 


Not easy being patient when you've got a problem that needs to be solved, but apparently they weren't overy concerned about petty little issues like that.

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Re: Google search goes nowhere

And another one ...

Searched for a post I made in relation to some security patches (PHCO_40838 and PHCO_40839) for 11.31 (attachment 1).

Google cache to the rescue again (attachment 2) but no luck finding it here either by searching for the patch numbers or using the browse by last post option on the Security board (attachment 3).

Hopefully someone can work out what these three posts I can't find have in common and, in turn, why they didn't get migrated ...

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Re: Google search goes nowhere

I have used this forum for almost 8 years and found it very easy to post my requests and received good prompt replies.  The present format is lousy.  I agree with Skiler's comments.  I just tried Google to find an answer to a problem I have with a laptop and found a possible answer listed that linked to the old forum.  Clicking on it took me to your "WONDERFUL" page pointing me to your new format, which got me nowhere.  NEW is not always better