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HP Passport sign-in | Password incorrect

Occasional Contributor

HP Passport sign-in | Password incorrect

I access a few different HP sites frequently.  I work at a company that only uses HP equipment and I'm on the Help Desk.


Every time I have to login to an HP site it says "User ID or password is incorrect.  Please Try again."


I reset my password today, as I always have to, to a password I use all the time.  I know it was the correct one I was trying to login with, but I had to change it yet again to login.


Is anyone else seeing this issue?  Could there be an issue with passwords syncing with all HP sites when the password has been changed?  This is the only HP site I have logged into today though.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: HP Passport sign-in | Password incorrect

There is a EBC forum problem with HP Passport but don't think it fails for any other site?