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Is the search function broken?

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Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Is the search function broken?

Anyone else experience this?


1.  In the search box, upper right, you replace the "Search for..." with your own search phrase. Then click the search button.


2.  Your search results are displayed and above them is a search box with your original search phrase.  If you change the keywords to search on, then click search or hit enter... you now get results for anything with the keywords of "search" and "for".


Seems like the only search box that works with the web form is the one in the upper right, not the one with the returned results.


I get the same results with IE and FF.




Re: Is the search function broken?

Denver - thanks for pointing this out - I have duplicated and see exactly what you mean.

We added the "Search for..." text in last night's build to make it more clear that was a text box for searching - but it looks like in doing so, we've found a bug with the way the "search" link on the results page functions.

We'll get this submitted (and hopefully fixed) as quickly as possible.

I work for HPE.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Is the search function broken?

I have a problem with search suggestion drop down and middle button in firefox.

I type in my search and I get a bunch of suggestions.  Then I middle click on each that looks promising.

I then look at the tabs for each.  And finally I go back to the original tab and the drop down menu is still there, fine, I click in the body of the page but the menu doesn't go away.  :-(


I find I have to erase my search string and then click in the body.


Re: Is the search function broken?

Thanks for pointing this out, Dennis - and I see the same behavior when using Firefox.  I've submitted a ticket and will let you know when I hear anything on this one...

I work for HPE.