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Missing entry on all topics list for a category

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Missing entry on all topics list for a category

I'm trying to look for a new topic in a blog.  Since there is no indication on which has already been read, I instead look at the all topic list for the category, then look for non-zero in the New column.


Unfortunately I can't find the new entry.  Looking at the probable author, I found it shows it is new but it doesn't appear at all on the all topics list.


In particular:


Each page has only 19 entries!  I think there should be 20 and it is that one that is missing.

Here is the missing one: 
HP’s Rolls Out HP ProLiant Servers on Latest AMD O... - ( ‎2012-12-10 12:52 PM )


And the last one on page 1 and the first on page 20: 
Jeffrey Katzenberg keynote at Discover: HP a cloud... - ( ‎2012-12-11 06:00 AM )   
Virtual Connect FlexFabric firmware question - ( ‎2012-12-10 12:46 PM )


The missing one fits between the two.


I also tried this on IE8, which has the same problems as firefox 17.


NOTE: A new topic has been added to the above category and the missing one now appears and the previous 19th is now missing.


And in IE8 I just noticed that the [<] and [>] boxes don't have hyperlinks so you have to press the page numbers.

These arrow boxes also fail on pages on boards.

(firefox works fine.)


I found this fails on IE8 and will work if you select the "Compatibility View" button in the address bar.