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Navigation of the HP support site

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Navigation of the HP support site

I have a real problem getting around this site.  We have QC and QTP as products but there is not an easy way to get to the forums related to those products.  When I log in I am taken to the general page which shows all of the HP product and services.  Is there an easy way to filter everything else out from the site once I am logged into it?

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Re: Navigation of the HP support site


Have you tried the Advanced Search? You can search for multiple items with AND, OR and NOT conditions, filter by location, date range, and so on.


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Warren_Admin, HP Enterprise Community Manager
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Re: Navigation of the HP support site

Check my signature, you will find links to a mapping of the old ITRC tree as well as a full site map.


After getting a forum you are interested in go there and check the button 'board options' (upper right) - there is an option make this 'board float'.


Using this will present all boards you 'floated' on the homepage after login.

Dennis Handly
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Re: Navigation in the HP EBC forum

(Note: This is not an official HP support site but a peer to peer forum.)


As Warren_Admin mentioned, you can search for popular words in your product.

Or as Stephan mentioned, you can look at these topics for an overall list of boards:


The first floats to the top of the Feedback board.


You can also bookmark messages and forums and look at your profile for quick access:

Profile > Subscriptions & Bookmarks > Bookmarks


Set bookmarks by using Board, Topic or post Options menus.

Or you can use your browser to bookmark the URLs.