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Need Language Filter

John O'Neill_6
Regular Advisor

Need Language Filter

Whilst browsing this new ITRC forum (We'll keep calling it the new ITRC), I note that more and more topics are in double byte enabled characters (probably Chinese?).


This is all well and good, but I only speak English, I think with a forum such as this, we need to seperate out the language groups, seeing half a page of chinese characters for a search result doesn't do me any good, and if we have people here who don't speak read or write english, pages full of english search results don't do them any good either.


Most website communities already do this based on localisation settings at the client browser and make it seemless, give links to allow multilingal people the opportunity to view in different languages.


Otherwise this community site will end up like the tower of Babel


-John O'Neill

V. Nyga
Honored Contributor

Re: Need Language Filter

I agree!

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Re: Need Language Filter

John - we do host, on this same site, communities for 4 languages beyond English - Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.  We realize that having those four communities listed from the home page is not a perfect experience for users not looking for content in those languages.

We do have an update planned for a few months from now where we'll be able to better separate out the content based on language - so it won't be that way for too much longer.

I work for HPE.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Need Language filter (for forum categories)

>where we'll be able to better separate out the content based on language


Currently there is a menu in the top right that selects other forums by language.

There are now Spanish, Hebrew, Norwegian, (blogs only), plus the 4 mentioned.


I've seen some country specific forums like:


Spanish and Hebrew blogs are now gone and Russian added.