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New Format


Re: New Format


@Chris H wrote:

But I would have thought that it should have been relatively easy to have automated converting the links for threads within the 'same' (old and converted) forums, although, of course, if and when the ITRC forums are also converted, old 'cross-forum' links from biz to ITRC would be much more difficult to convert.


We had hoped for that as well, Chris - but the new addresses for each post were not established until the historical threads were migrated into the new environment - at which time we couldn't programatically update the "old" links because the content had already been modified and migrated into the new database.  It's a bit of a "chicken and the egg" situation, and unfortunately it wasn't simple or easy to work around.


You have hit on a way to access the old forum content, though (at least temporarily - this is *not* a long term work-around).  If you know the threadId of the old thread, you can use the [Broken link removed on 03-23-2017 by Admin] construct, and drop in the id after the equal sign.  So if there are popular, often-used threads that link to other threads, we can find the discussion they used to link to, and then search for the "new" version of that thread here in the new forums, and update the hyperlink.  Involves a bit of time and effort, but as I mentioned in my reply to Kenneth above, I'm happy to work on those on an individual basis, as time permits.

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Cheryl G.
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Re: New Format


Not sure if this will solve your request on ability to read a post in the middle of a thread, but if you click the Reply button on that post rather than the Reply at bottom of thread, you will have the selected post available for viewing.



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Eino V
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Re: New Format


[Broken link removed on 03-23-2017 by Admin]

This url gives the old familiar message now: 

The system is currently unavailable. Please try again later.