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New Format

Outstanding Contributor

New Format

Let me be the first to give a thumbs down to the new format. Trying to find anything is a pure disaster. You have filled the screen with to many items that makes navigating difficult. Let me also be the first to voice my displeasure with the format and the lack of the leaders in each category. One of the reasons I post to this board besides trying to help others in the printing and digital sections is to gain kudos which put me at the top in both printing and digital forums. I took pride in being able to tell my customers that I was the top poster on your forum and they could be assured they had a capable technician on their site to take care of their printer issues. Why bother having kudos if you now do not show your leaders. The other reason the kudos listing was good was it gave new posters with questions a way to rate the responses they received, especially if the poster was one of the top posters in that forum. Now anyone can post whatever they want being good or bad information and the person with the problem has no way to evaluate the expertise of the person making the post. I think you really need to go back to the drawing board and take the good things from the old (not that old) forums and find some way to integrate that with your new items. The first thing you need to do is return to the listing at the Community Home that lists all the forums in alphabetical order as before.  Also I just noticed that when I make a post to a thread I have to go all the way to the top of the page to return to the thread listing.  Before I was able to click a link at the bottom where I just posted to return to the thread listing.  When a thread is rather long it takes a long time to scroll to the top of the listing to click on the link.  Also you seem to give priorty to the old enterprise printing and digital forum which was the old ITRC forum which has much less information than the old Business Support Printing and Digital Forum.  Even though the Enterprise has more sections it has less information and needs to be integrated into the Small and Medium Business Printing and Digital Information.  It is ridiculous to have one forum with color and black and white pritners while the other has laserjet and inkjet, etc.  Combine them for better access by people needing help.

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: New Format

Let me be a second to give a thumbs down to the new format.

(allthough I did not agree at all with the reasons the OP listed)


Just when you think they could not possibly make it any worse... they do.


Haloween prank gone awry? What a nightmare.

Stop playing with the crayons already and do some real work to make this mess better.

The old crap...

- Can't login using Chrome... Bad Gateway.

- Have to re-login all the time ... Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter all have a button to keep me logged in, are they all stupid  failuers and is HP so much smarter or is HP perhaps just a bunch of super arrogant NIH fans?

- IE (6.0) screen keeps jumping while typing

New crap...

- Terrible performance.

- ZERO, aboslutely ZERO actual content on the first click. Check the attache Jpeg please.

- More crappy smiley faces in blocks of glamor to present totally redundant information

- I selected :

... Now I get 120 pixels of black, 170 artwork,  50 pixels of actual useful data, 100 more pixels of redundant white header, 100 pixels of  artificial categories i happen not to care about (but that's me),  And then 500 pixels for a 4 - way menu that leads nowhere useful. Score : 50 out 1000. How high is your screen  ( I use 2x1600x1200)

- In the first 500 pixels the word COMMUNITY is repeated on 3 lines, and my choice of  'OpenVMS' is also there on 3 lines.  And nothing else.  Once would seem enough.

- I picked OpenVMS... ALL OF IT, but I now I have to drill down in each sub-Category or whatever you call those?

- Latests topics show (just 2?!) OpenVMS topics. Ok. But  when I click on 'see all' under that, I get to see topics from all over the place! Printers, PCs, OMS,....  WTF !?!?!


Dissapointing, very dissappointing.

Sadly not unexpected though. HP has a knack for picking form over function.

Anything to please management!






Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: New Format

> Dissapointing, very dissappointing.

> Sadly not unexpected though. HP has a knack for picking form over function.


   That pretty well sums up my impression.

   It's hard to imagine why anyone would confuse all this
appearance-churn with actual improvement.  "Form over function" is bad
enough, but when even the form is degraded, it takes function along for
the ride.  A casual observer might conclude that the morons-in-charge
were guided only by some vacuous slogan, like, say, "Change is Good".

   It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

Honored Contributor

Re: New Format

I'm just speechless ... I really believed this one would change a lot regarding usabillity but ...


Instead of white space we have now black space, no more forum tree structure, non readable text (blue on black - seriously? Just found black on black in the HP-UX Category header - this makes it even better -.- ), buttons overlaying status informations (autosave draft behind Spell Check + Quote), lots of useless links under user settings, .... I just have no idea where to start and where to stop ... 


My advice to the lithium guys, put this in the trash can and get a different job - thanks!

Peter Marko
Honored Contributor

Re: New Format

I still hope this is just some sort of a joke
I would like to see all the 12years old who requested this ...

With every update it's less focused on the technical user and more on the facebook kids

The space for real information is about 600 pixels max now? What about the crap around - who needs that? Who needs more than 300 share options?

And again the page formating ... do you even test it before going live or just fix the issues as users report?


Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: New Format

Let me be the first to say      Goodbye.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: New Format

HP Management:


Hein summed it up well: "Dissapointing, very dissappointing.. HP has a knack for picking form over function."


It isn't even worth enumerating what's wrong as that's been done time and time again. I wonder why for years you have solicited user input only to foist *this* on the people that *are* your community.


You have finally succeeded in destroying what was once a grand, highly useful, friendly place.  By that I mean the old ITRC Forums born in 2000.  This year's earlier "upgrade" built a coffin.  This "upgrade" put the nails in it.


You have lost sight of why professional forums exist: to create deep pockets of expertise and knowledge that can be easily mined, sifted, added to, discussed, re-evaluated and disseminated.


Keep worrying about your corporate image and pretty pictures.  Without contributors, though,  there won't be a "social presence" for very long.





Community Manager

Re: New Format

Some functionalities are not yet fully realized, as you have noticed. We continue to roll out new features as we move along. To answer a few specific questions:


Bad Gateway: This is such a generic error message (think "unspecified error") that it can be caused by a server mis-communication, an overfull cache - on the server or on your system - or even a malformed cookie. The usual "clear your cache and cookies" sometimes fixes this, and sometimes it just goes away. It's like restarting - did that fix the problem or just mask it?


Login timeouts: In this day when you read every other day about some major hack attack, security has become a larger and larger (and more annoying) piece of the online experience. While some sites have "keep me logged in" buttons, they may be less secure than we would like to think.


IE6 issue: This may be related to a plug-in.


Missing content: This is related to the rollout taking longer than expected. Strong feedback we have received suggested that prolonged outages during migrations were not good. We are still deploying new functionalities.


The width of the forum windows: We have deployed a wider window for our blogs, and initial feedback is positive, so we are working on a similar update for your forums. This is why we need your feedback, and welcome it.


Navigation: One of the new functionalities coming soon is a full, easy to use site map.


See All: You have identified a logical issue, pervasive across the Community. We are working on it, and should have the functionality in place very soon.


Thank you,
Warren_Admin, HP Enterprise Community Manager
Opinions are my own and not intended to represent HP

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community Manager
Any personal opinions expressed are mine, and not official statements on behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: New Format

Thanks for a reasonable reply Warren.


I big to differ though


> >caused by a server mis-communication

SERVER indeed, how I can I fix that?

>> an overfull cache - on the server or on your system

I have never ever seen or heard or otherwise experienced an 'overfull cace' on my client systems. 

Must be the Server then right?

>> or even a malformed cookie.

And who/what gave me that bad cookie? Ah... the HP server right? How can I fix that?

>> The usual "clear your cache and cookies" sometimes fixes this, 

That may be usual in your (HP) world, but not where I come from



>> While some sites have "keep me logged in" buttons, they may be less secure than we would like to think.


That's what I mean. Arrogant, Not-Invented-Here attitude.

HP knows better huh? Just give me the option. Add an  'accept security risk' checkmark to that if you must.

I my world there is zero risk for keeping an open Passport to HP.


Kindest regards,



Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: New Format

>non readable text (blue on black - seriously?


I was creating a reply and all of a sudden I get black on black with red up arrows and I see the bad html message.  I when back and forth between Rich Text and Preview and I finally got my edit window back.


>Just found black on black in the HP-UX Category header - this makes it even better -.- ),


Probably just as well, you didn't want to read about HP-UX Gems anyway.  :-)


>buttons overlaying status information (autosave draft behind Spell Check + Quote


Yes, I noticed that on firefox.


>lots of useless links under user settings


And no convenient link to the Feedback board on the category pages.  I have to drag down the Discussion Boards menu at the top.