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New Forums

Paul Howlett_2
Occasional Advisor

New Forums

Hi, just thought I'd post about my dissapointment that the 'new' forum has brought. While I know, in general people don't like change-this seems to have been unnecessary.

I can no longer find posts that appear in a Google search (yes I know it has been mentioned before) and when searching the forum directly no topics appear!

Awful, change for change sake?

Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: New Forums

> Awful, change for change sake?


Apparently so.  The question "why" has been asked repeatedly and I have yet to see any answer other than people were asking for improvements that couldn't be accomplished under the old format.  I do have to admit that I like having the ability to modify my posts, for example.  I know that was one of the often requested improvements under the old Forums and maybe it simply couldn't be accomplished given the structure they had to work with.


The other "improvements" like "smileys", avatars, kudos, etc., etc. have been pretty roundly booed I would say.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: New Forums

>change for change sake?


More likely consolidation to the Lithium software used in N other forums by HP.