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No Patience for Information Overload


No Patience for Information Overload

OK. All I use is LoadRunner and SiteScope. So why is it that whenever I connect to anything with HP in the name, I have to swim through dozens and dozens of pages of plain old "noise" to find where I want to be?


So that's my Rant. Now, to the actual issue. How the heck do I find my "LoadRunner Boards", or whatever the heck you guys call your stuff? I have been on this site for almost an hour, and all I keep doing is clicking here, and clicking there. I have got better things to do (like actual testing of actual Enterprise applications) than screw around on a time-wasting "Community".


James Pulley may have time to surf the net all day finding Indian Technicians to complain about. I don't.

Randy at Deere
Dennis Handly
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Re: LoadRunner and SiteScope boards

>How the heck do I find my "LoadRunner Boards",


There is a mapping of the old ITRC forums to the new boards:


And a map of the EBC forum:


So you want this, which has 4 boards:

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Re: No Patience for Information Overload

Just in case you are looking for something other you might want to check New Forums Site Map




Re: No Patience for Information Overload

Thanks, everybody, for the feedback. I eventually stumbled on the ITRC "Tree" (a few minutes before somebody suggested it to me). That was the most helpful, for me. The time waster for me since HP took over the LoadRunner testing suite has always been my need to just go get quick help with LoadRunner and SiteScope (Help for both was a LOT easier when it was Mercury and Freshwater).  I "get" that it's a world of adapt or die, but it sometimes feels like people are trying to force the issue.

Randy at Deere