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OCA Support Services Options

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OCA Support Services Options


When I start a new configuration in OCA, can anyone give me a high level explanation of the difference between selecting Fixed Support Services vs. Flexible Support Services? 

Thanks, Pete

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Re: OCA Support Services Options

Hi Pete,

I just wanted to let you know that I have reached out to the relevant group, so they can get back to you on this question.

In the meantime, I recommend you check with HPE Support



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Re: OCA Support Services Options

Hello Pete - 

Both Fixed and Flexible Support Services are available in OCA, just like in Watson/SBW.  Both types are available for  most products, except for the “solution” products like the Converged Systems families and high-end storage products, like 3PAR.  When they are both offered, there should be consistent support levels and worldwide reference pricing.  Typically, the choice of whether to use Fixed or Flex will depend on the product and the sales motion. 

 If the product that’s being purchased is a solution, such as SGI, HANA, 3PAR, etc., then, the correct choice would be Flexible Support because there are more available configuration rules for the complex product and support services.  If the product is being sold for stocking, such as the low-end servers,  the better choice would be Fixed Support. 

Hope this reply helps. 

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Re: OCA Support Services Options

 Yes, that completely answers my question.  We are a solution provider selling SGI, MC990 (HANA) and the Apollo lines so Flexible Support is the way to go for us. Thank you very much for the reply!


Re: OCA Support Services Options

U7AE5E- Foundation care 24 x 7 SVC  costs less than H7J34A3-Foundation care 24 x 7 SVC .

Please tell me the reason behind it

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Re: OCA Support Services Options

I thought it is just awsome if we have offline choice.