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PLease make the submit button visible

Martijn Saly
Occasional Contributor

PLease make the submit button visible

I tried to edit my e-mail address, because it changed. First of all, it took a while to find it. It is nowhere in my profile. Turns out it's completely someplace else. Here:


The thing is, I don't see the submit button at all. I also can't submit the form simply by pressing Enter. So something must be very badly messed up if something as simple as a submit button doesn't show up. Let me put it this way: no browser in extence removes the button all by itself, so to make it dissapear, a webdeveloper has to do some actual work to achieve it. You can't *not* show a button by accident.


The problem exists on other pages as well. So please, fix it. My browser shows other cosmetic problems, but those are not as bad as others. Please test things carefully, HP.



Browser: Opera 11.52

OS: Windows 7 x64 

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: PLease make the submit button visible

On that URL, I see the Submit button on the bottom far right, in white letters on light blue on black, using firefox, chrome and safari.


Can you provide a screenshot of the bottom of that page?