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Redirecting ITRC and your new ... Whatever

Ted Brooks TPS
Occasional Advisor

Redirecting ITRC and your new ... Whatever

It wasn't possible to get with the search engines and figure out how to redirect ITRC repeated results and REDIRECT them to the NEW and IMPROVE HP website? I am sick of searching for your results and hitting the ITRC Redirect Announcement and it NOT REDIRECTING!


SERIOUSLY THIS IS AN EMBARRASSMENT!  You make Dell a viable solution and don't monitor your stocks.


Whomever is in charge of this change should be held responsible.


HP to me is a joke.  Thank you for making my life hell while you try and figure out how to make this transition work!



Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Redirecting ITRC and your new ... Whatever

I assume you are searching with google and have read all of the posts on this and how to workaround the search problem?

I.e. Do a forum search or look at the google cache?


By now you should be able to add "" to your google search.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Redirecting ITRC and your new ... Whatever

People are so dependent on google these days. 

Is it really that bad, that if it's not in people's search_engine_of_choice it's totally impossible to use the web site? 

How this is making "your life a hell" I don't understand.


Is change really this difficult? I thought being in IT people would be used to basically everything changing quite frequently..

Regular Advisor

Re: Redirecting ITRC and your new ... Whatever


I understand what your saying about being in IT and being used to change, but in my experience most change in IT comes with some improvement. The new community, for many, does not seem to be an improvement.


One area that has been "hell" for me is losing access to all of the bookmarks I have accumulated over the years to posts in the ITRC. It boggles my mind how HP could have thought of going live with this new community without all of the old URL's still valid.  A single redirect page does not cut it.


Just my 2 c's



Occasional Collector

Re: Redirecting ITRC and your new ... Whatever

I agree.  Much of the value of your old resource center had to do with the fact the Google (and possibly the other search engines) had indexed it so thoroughly, that I could count on a useful link to an HP site anytime I sought advice on an HP-UX issue.  No messing with your site's search mechanism, which would take me at least two extra steps, if and when it gave me relevant links.  For the moment, I can get away with using Google's cached versions of the old resource center; you have a brief window of opportunity to fix this problem or risk losing traffic from me and, I venture to say, a lot of others; when Google's cache times out, we're going to go elsewhere for HP-UX info, even though the quality and reliability of it will be of a lesser degree than what we got from HP.