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Repeated, annoying junk postings

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Repeated, annoying junk postings

   Is this ultra-deluxe forum software really incapable of limiting
new-topic postings by a "New Member", or is the crack HP team in charge
incapable or indifferent, or am I the only one who finds these
(repeated) mass junk postings annoying?

   Is this the only affected forum, or is the problem more widespread?

   Is it called "Lithium" because it's such a lightweight?

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Repeated, annoying spam postings

>incapable of limiting new-topic postings by a "New Member"


Limiting it to 5 posting a day?


>Is this the only affected forum, or is the problem more widespread?


Someone mentioned the CS forum had it:


And if you do a search for a string like "O⑨⑦①S28O7SS8I", you'll find in two other places.

And last time I searched, it was in a whole bunch more places.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Repeated, annoying junk postings

> Limiting it to 5 posting a day?

   Or fewer.  Many schemes might be better than the current one (none?),
although some might create a significant workload for a moderator.
Also, I don't know how "New Member" is currently defined.  I know
nothing about what features Lithium might offer for this sort of thing,
and approximately nothing about normal usage patterns but ...

   One might disable a "New Member" who posts more than, say, two new
topics in less than one hour.

   One might allow, say, two new topics for a "New Member", and then
require a moderator to approve any more (or to convert the user from
"New" to an unlimited status).

   The Info-ZIP forums (using phpBB) have a low activity level, so we
can afford to exchange e-mail before approving a user, and the forums
are moderated, so noise topics don't appear.  With its bigger volume, HP
has a tougher problem, but it shouldn't be too difficult to stop a new

user from flooding a forum.