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Rich text input box

Carl Hennig_1
Trusted Contributor

Rich text input box

The input editor seems to have a problem displaying the cursor. Sometimes there is a cursor. Other times there is not. I am presently using FireFox and there is a cursor.


Plus, the default font is a very light weight 10 pt. For users of large screens like this HP LP3065, the font is downright tiny.


And another thing. The default forum list font colour of pale blue and the light weight font is also difficult to read.


And yet another thing. While the spell check is useful, it makes itself useless by not scrolling to the mis-spelled words. Either make the message window larger or have the spell checker scroll or allow the user to scroll the window while in the spell check.

Please either elarge the font and use Black as a colour or set up something in our profiles to select our own colours and fonts.


And yet another thing. This forum, despite my complaints, is an improvement over the previous format.




Cheryl G.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Rich text input box

I agree, it would be nice to have a bolder text as default for posts/replies. Or have the option in Profile to set default font/color to use for  posts.


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Re: Rich text input box

To change your default font size, click the "Profile" link then select "Preferences." Select in turn the "Display" tab, and you will find an option about halfway down the page for adjusting your default font size.


Spell check changes the font color of the misspelled word to red and underlines it. If the incorrect word is not visible, it is likely that the correction dialog box is covering it. You can drag the dialog box off to the side by its title bar.


We will look into the cursor issue.

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Carl Hennig_1
Trusted Contributor

Font size option and IE8 anomaly _Edited

Thanks for the Profile setting for the font size. Much improved.

Now just add a font colour so I can use Black for all text.


Re: the missing cursor.

If the body cursor is missing, clicking in the subject line restores the cursor when returning to the body.


Interesting anomaly with IE8, There are no Browse items in the list for Converged Infrastructure and Business Support Forums but there are in Feedback & Suggestions. (attached)

The entries for the Resolved posts and Recent Topics are present in all windows.


Is there a setting in IE8 I am missing?

Yes, I was missing a setting.

Switching IE8 to compatibility mode for fixed the problem.