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Simple Yes !!!!!!! New Forum Link

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Simple Yes !!!!!!! New Forum Link

The link above is for the new mobile access to the forum but can be used on a regular computer. I found it to be fantastic as it is simple and 10 times faster then the regular board. If you want simple, fast and without the clutter try the link as you may like it.

Re: Simple Yes! New Forum Link for Mobile

You forgot to mention that once you do this, it is hard to go back.
It must be stored in some cookie somewhere? And I don't know what is the opposite of: device-view=mobile


Never mind.  At the bottom (why would I look there (on a long screen)?) I see: Version: Mobile | Full


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Re: Simple Yes !!!!!!! New Forum Link

I like it! I might just start using that mode.

Why can we not select mobile mode from 'full', but you can go (one-way) from mobile to full.

(You can add "/?device-view=mobile" to any page URL to get there though)


This is very close to what folks have been asking for.


- Not too much crud

- Fast to load

- Ordered by latest reply date&time, not by topic creation.

Con, for me

- No way to 'see all' in a family (Hpux, OpenVMS,...)