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Subscription Email Feedback

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Subscription Email Feedback



I have subscribed to the OpenVMS Boards and I'm getting immediate updates via mail - that works fine.


But there are two things, which could be improved:


- duplicate mails for same update


If there is an update on a topic, which I was involved in and automatically subscribed to the topic subscription as well, I'm getting 2 mails for the same update (one from the board subscription and another one from the topic subscription) at the same time. Please consider to change this and don't send 2 mails for the SAME update.


- looong mail subject string


Also the subject string for those subscription e-mails is a bit long, e.g.:


Enterprise Business Community | HP Online Forum Subscription: 1 Update: Re: Finding the firmware revision level of the Fibrechannel card from OpenVMS


This makes it very hard to read in the mail overview display and to figure out, which mail is associated with which topic.


Please consider to shorten the beginning of the mail subject string. I don't need all this 'Enterprise Business Community | HP Online Forum Subscription:' in every mail subject string. I can see from the 'Community Mailer' in the From field, what this all about.


Thanks for listening,




Esteemed Contributor

Re: Subscription Email Feedback

Hi Volker,


Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this. I agree that you should not be getting duplicate messages.

Have you considered using RSS feeds as a notification? Just a suggestion.


I will capture your suggestion and discuss it within the team to see what we can do.