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This site Disappoints!

Occasional Contributor

This site Disappoints!

I am installing a new server tomorrow and needed urgent research on it and all the searching on  google points to a redirect page, so I never actually get to see any of the results. HP, Pull your finger out and get something sorted. you are suppose to be one of the biggest players in the world and you are now going down as one of the worst.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: This site disappoints

>all the searching on google points to a redirect page


Have you seen the search tips topic?


You can use the forums search.  Or you can add the new site to the end of your google search:


John Jimenez
Super Advisor

Re: This site Disappoints!

Put your search on the top right portion and change Board to Community.   That seemed to work for me.     But I need to open a new thread, and can't find the "open new thread" button.      So I kind of agree..... it is frustrating getting used to this new site.

Hustle Makes things happen
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: This site disappoints

>can't find the "open new thread" button.


You need to be the appropriate board, under a category.  Then you should see a "New Message" on the top right.