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Timezone settings, some zones wrong

Nick Bishop (Kiwi)
Frequent Advisor

Timezone settings, some zones wrong

When setting the board preferences (as opposed to the HP Passport profile), I noticed some problems with these choices of timezones:




Fiji, New Zealand.


The first three should really be changed to

Australia(Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne)



or you could use AEST, CST, and WST but the CST is ambiguous with Australia(NT), a different timezone from Australia(Adelaide).


The last one needs to be split into three

Fiji (which does not run daylight saving)

New Zealand (which runs daylight saving)

Chatham Islands (which runs daylight saving, 45min ahead of New Zealand, UTC+12:45 or UTC+13:45)


You may also want to change Australia(NT) to Australia(Darwin) for better compliance with convention, but at least NT is a valid abbreviation for the territory (unlike the others), and the timezone border is the state/territory border (unlike some of the others).


If anyone has questions, just reply to this, hopefully the "email when someone replies" actually works.