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Totally lost on this website...

Occasional Advisor

Totally lost on this website...

Have posted on HP in the past.  The last time was last December in the \Networking\IMC section.

Have logged into the  "" website but all the links take me to HP marketing stuff....

How the hxxl do you get to the users forums????

Thanks to Mr. Google, I was able to access my last post but there is no links to take me back up the next level. ARGH

Am I the only one out here with the same problem?

Bob G.





Occasional Visitor

Re: Totally lost on this website...

In the nav, choose Categories > Networking.

Then expand Forum > IMC.

Community Manager

Re: Totally lost on this website...

The two most common ways of finding content here on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community are search and navigation. Search fields can take natural language questions, and as soon as the heuristics begin to recognize patterns, the community will begin building a list of suggested content. If you click the search icon, you'll get the whole list, sorted by relevance. 

The other way is navigation, which can go either general to specific or the other way. Every page has a persistent gray navigation bar, and the "Categories" menu is the most general. For IMC, "Networking" seems the best starting point. Each category has top menus that contain sub-categories, blogs, or forums. If there is a "+" in the green button, there are multiples of that type. IMC is in Networking in the Forums menu.

When you found your own post and opened it, the breadcrumb above the navigation bar (next to "Community Home") showed "IMC", which is the other direction. Our breadcrumbs are set to move up or down one level at a time, so when you click them, you can see everything available at that level.

I hope this is helpful. 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community Manager
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