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Web searching the old ITRC forums?

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Web searching the old ITRC forums?

I've found over the years that the nearly decade's worth of questions and answers in the old ITRC forums have been an absolutely invaluable resource in supporting HP systems, and it's been a bit vexing over the past fwe weeks with my old habits, following Google links to promising-looking forum posts only to find myself at the welcome page.


I haven't been able to find a way to search the old forums - is there a way to do so in here that I'm overlooking? And will the archived ITRC forums eventually be available for Google searches once their spiders find them?


Re: Web searching the old ITRC forums?

Michael - there are a few different things occurring here:


1) The content here in the new community (including the posts migrated from the ITRC forums) is all available within 3rd party search sites (such as Google).


2) Google (and other 3rd party search engines) still contain some of the old ITRC results in their indexes - we're working with Google to get those pruned (normally it can take 3 months for that to happen "naturally" as sites are retired, but that's obviously too long for our case)


3) To search just within this community, take a look @


Also - there is an update to the migration I posted here - - with some additional detail about a few outstanding issues and how we're addressing them.


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