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Why?-disk management file

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Why?-disk management file

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I posted a message recently and it now appears i have been banned for a week!


All i asked was that someone emailed me and them to 'rim' them back I have little understanding technospeak, in fact i am sure one of the moderators sent 'a private message' along these lines. So why not ban them!


Also what does ebios, apparenlty i have to look at mine?


And also i have been told to look at my 'disk management file' whats that.


You are not allowed to access this site
We're sorry, but you have been banned from using this site.

You have been banned for the following reason:

Violation of community guidelines; vulgarity and off-topic comments.

You have 10063 minutes remaining on the ban.

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Re: Why?

is disk management the one where is says i have a c drive and d drive or somthing.


It was seagate, in holland, who told me to rim them with a photgraphy of my disk management. The ebios is another posting.

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Re: Why?

I have a 'portable external hardrive' that is plug and play and  when ever i insert it in it recongises that a device is found then it asks for an installation disc but there isnot one in the box.


Before i am banned again 'plug and play' is the phrase i was given in an email and was the terms used in the store AND it is the same words used on the Maplin advert.