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Why to use this forum?

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Occasional Visitor

Why to use this forum?

I'm a new user to the forum. I would like to know why you are using this forum - have you found it useful?

Honored Contributor

Re: Why to use this forum?

Hello Raija,

first: since you post the question, you are already
using it...

second: it is free, you do not need a support contract :-)

third: yes, I do consider it helpful!

Honored Contributor

Re: Why to use this forum?

Hello again Raija,

since you new:

- you are to give points to the answers
- the first answer deserves 100000 points
- that way I will have beaten "JRF" (the only way
to accomplish that :-)
- you will become curious to learn who he is,
there learning how to "search" the forums
- then you will start reading all his answers (well,
kind of) and learn a lot

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Re: Why to use this forum?


Well, I am not sure if I got an aswer that I am satisfied yet... Please spesify: Why do you consider this as useful?
What encourages you to use this?
Mike Brown_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: Why to use this forum?

1) It's free (as stated above)
2) Its accessible by anyone (globally)
and so, by definition,
3) A multitude of answers/opinions/experiences can be shared.

A lot for so little, don't you think?
There's no substitute for experience
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Why to use this forum?


Ironically, a couple of days after your query, a thread was started to solicite "success stories" from users of this Forum. You will certainly find some solid reasons there.,1150,0x905c1012aa92d5118ff10090279cd0f9,00.html

If I had to summarize, I'd offer this:

You can merely read and in doing so be exposed to questions, pointers and answers, that perhaps you didn't know and that motivate you to expand your knowledge. By reading posts, you will be exposed to multiple solutions with differing views. If you enjoy scripting, you will often see this exemplified.

You can paricipate by replying (we hope) or merely "lurk". Whichever you choose, I think you will find the experience more than rewarding. Welcome!