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Why useless "What's Hot" on each category?

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Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Why useless "What's Hot" on each category?

Starting this afternoon, each category now inherits the "What's Hot" list that used to only be on the EBC main forum page.

I don't what this!  (If I wanted to see it, I can go to the Community Home page.)


Is there a way to get this put back the way it was??  Or an option to suppress it?)


Also, on the HP-UX category and boards, we have more black on black text for the "Community Announcements" for HP-UX Gems.

Also, there is a plug for "MAXIMIZE" for something that happened on Feb 29.  (At least it shouldn't say "Register Now".)

A few other categories have this black on black problem too, Networking.

Vadim Gorda
Honored Contributor

Re: Why useless "What's Hot" on each category?


Agree on What's Hot.

 It is very useless as I have there information which has nothing in common with the area I am working with.


For example I am working With IT Service Manager category and in What's Hot i have Blades, Plroliants and Networking. I don't want to see that at all!

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Why useless "What's Hot" on each category?

It looks like this got fixed, I don't know exactly what day.


And later, "What's Hot" was removed from the main page too.