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can't get to anything anymore


can't get to anything anymore

This is very frustrating.  I have always been able to google an issue, get hits on the appropriate forum thread, and click to go directly to that thread.  Now I just get redirected to a cover page.  The goal should be to enable us to find the answers we need, quickly.  That worked before, now is broken.

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Re: can't get to anything anymore

I agree 100%.

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Re: can't get to anything anymore

As already stated many times Google cache is outdated since the migration, so Google will not display useful information until they get updated their cache.


Due to the migration the forum has again a working search function, best way to work with enter to the category/forum your problem belongs to and enter your search to the top right box.


Some official information about searching and browsing here could be found in this thread:


Some more in my signature.






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