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unable to edit my own message in IE9 beta

Occasional Contributor

unable to edit my own message in IE9 beta

I am unable to edit my own message. I use IE9 beta.

I have tried numerous times - and there is absolutely no reaction from my mouse clicks when I click around in the text window.

Also - as I am writing this message - I cannot mouse-click anywhere on text I have written before where the cursor are - I can only go back in the text with the left, right, up and down arrows on the keyboard.

So - as I am writing this message - at least I can go back and edit it - but a message that I wrote yesterday I can't even enter the text window to edit it.

Is it supposed to be like this - I don't think so?

Trusted Contributor

Re: unable to edit my own message in IE9 beta


Can you mention your model/product name?
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