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using this site seems impossible

Dennis Gurgul
Occasional Contributor

using this site seems impossible

I used to   use itrc and need to get to places like Patches and the CMU (Cluster Management Utility) discussion forum.  I've tried searching, submitting a support request, looking at discussion board selections.  I have NO idea how to find the kind of information I used to have access to via itrc and am unable to proceed with my work.  After entering my logon name and password I was told I need an SAID, so I entered the SAID for 88 of the CMU licenses we  purchased.  But this site still does not let me get anywhere.  Please help.


Re: using this site seems impossible

Dennis - it sounds like your issue is related to the HP Support Center portal - here are a few links that may help you out.  (HPSC help page)  (Support Case Manager help page)  (Submit a request for assistance for HPSC)

I work for HPE.