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10.2 to 11.0 upgrade

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mike worrell
Regular Advisor

10.2 to 11.0 upgrade

Doing my very first unix OS upgrade.
Can anyone offer some suggestions on
planning and doing the upgrade like
a step by step approach and any errors
I can watch out for.
I've read the manual on the web, but still

Brian Taylor

Re: 10.2 to 11.0 upgrade

Having done a couple, the best advice I can give is to, if possible, do not upgrade. Try to go with a scratch install...
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: 10.2 to 11.0 upgrade

Make sure you have a good backup of your 10.20 system before you start. I recommend installing Ignite/UX and doing an Ignite backup (make_recovery -A). That way if the install is not successful then you can recover from your ignite backup and have 10.20 back up and running pretty quickly.

Re: 10.2 to 11.0 upgrade


I've done 2 upgrades from 10.20 to 11.00 and
doing my 3:rd next week, this is how I done it
step by step.

- Copy theese files to some other place.
.profile (roots)
.rhosts (roots)
/etc/oratab (if you have Oracle DB)
/etc/lvmtab (Do a "strings" on the file)

- Do a "ioscan -fn" and save output
- The same with "bdf"
- And with "swapinfo"
- I usually do a "ls" on /opt, /usr, / to
see if there are any soft links under theese dirs.
- Do a "vgdisplay -v" on all VG's and save output.
- The same for all LV's.
- And on "lvlnboot -v".
- Do a Ignite backup of your root vg, if
things goes wrong you can always reinstall 10.20.
- And a full backup of the system is good to do.
- The last thing to do is making a "vgexport"
on all VG's except root VG.

If you have a mirrored root vg, the best is
to split the mirror and install 11.00 on
one of the disks. Then you still have one
disk that has the old 10.20 installation.

Hope this gives you some tips.