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10 vs 100bt on B2000

dave daniels_2
Valued Contributor

10 vs 100bt on B2000

I am experiencing that a large number of the B2000's we have will only run @ 100bt and will fail to communicate at 10bt. Has anyone else experienced this, it is obviously a hardware problem, just looking for more experiences.

Rodney Hills
Honored Contributor

Re: 10 vs 100bt on B2000

A lot depends on your hub switches. Sometimes they can't autodetect the speed of a port.

Usually, their is a way to set the speed to 100 in the configurtion of the switch.

-- Rod Hills
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Hartmut Lang
Trusted Contributor

Re: 10 vs 100bt on B2000

Check your BT lan configuration. It could be set to auto-negotation or to a fixed speed. If it is set to fixed (e.g. 100HD or 100FD) it will not work with a 10HD hub.
Also keep in mind that 10BT means most of the time 10(half-duplex) and 100BT means 100(full-duplex).

See (for HPUX 11.x) /etc/rc.config.d/hpbtlanconf for current BT-Lan settings.

Use landamin -x 0 (also for HPUX11.x) to display current speed and setting.

Sukant Naik
Trusted Contributor

Re: 10 vs 100bt on B2000

Hi Dave,

It all depends upon the way you have configured the LAN card and the switch it is connected. So the problem is not on the LAN card alone.

The way I used to do it is I used to check with my networking engineer the way he has configured the ports on the switch my server is connected. I used to always prefer to set the switch to Auto-negotiate mode.

On the HP-UX server, I used to set the speed to autonegotiate. This ensured that the switch and the LAN card will decide the speed and less of headache for me.

So speak with your networking engineer and find it out.

Who dares he wins

Re: 10 vs 100bt on B2000

I know this answer is late. I've not read my mail for over a week.
I ran into a problem with my NIC trying to connect at 100, the switch that the system was connected was trying to connect at 100, however the cable could only support 10 base connection speed. When I changed the connectors on the cable to match Category A or B, I was suddenly connected. The pin connections for the cable was:

pin wire (Cat A) or wire (Cat B)
1 White/Green White/Orange
2 Green Orange
3 White/Orange White/Green
4 White/Blue White/Blue
5 Blue Blue
6 Orange Green
7 Brown Brown
8 White/Brown White/Brown

The important wires are the ones to pins 1-3 and pin 6. Make sure both connectors are set the same. (I won't get into cross-over cables)

Re: 10 vs 100bt on B2000

I can tell this system does not allow spacing. Let's try the pin out again.