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11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?

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11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?

Hi All,

Can anybody tell me if this is expected behaviour, I have a new rx6600 with IBM SVC attached & 12 LUNs presented. I can see all 12 LUN's with ioscan -m lun, ioscan -m hwpath, scsimgr lun_map... but with ioscan -m dsf i can only see the first 8 LUN's. I have seen similar in other posts but can't find anything to tell me that this is expected behaviour. Have we limited the amount of devices with legacy DSF's to 8 on each array with 11.31?


Steven E. Protter
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Re: 11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?


This is not a known feature of 11.31.

Please identify the type of storage being used.

Also, what release of 11.31 was installed (swlist -l product containts the needed information).

I work every day with systems that are 11.31 and have dozens of dsf devices visible. Our storage here is EMC.

insf -C disk

Steven E Protter
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Re: 11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?


The storage is IBM SVC (SAN Volume Controller)x3550. I'm aware that a change needs to be made to convert it to active/active but didn't think this would have any effect on the servers accessing the luns...

Anyway not sure what changes were made (i don't control the storage!) but i've now got all devices visible with legacy dsf's. I will investigate the supported configuration for the SVC & ensure this is whats being used but my geuss is that the storage guy didn't follow my reccomendations.

If any of you are familiar with IBM SVC on 11.31 i'd be interested in any config reccomendations. I'm sure ALUA & Active/Active are supported but if there are any other settings that need to be applied please let me know.

Thanks for your reply SEP!

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Re: 11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?

Just to add to this if the IBM SVC does support ALUA do i need to be running in Active/Active mode? ie.. Is ALUA enough for 11iv3 support & the Active/Active part is not required?

Please let me know if this should be started as a new thread.

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Re: 11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?

Output from scsimgr against the controller;

scsimgr get_info -D /dev/pt/pt4


Generic Status Information

SCSI services internal state = UNOPEN
Device type = Array_Controller
EVPD page 0x83 description code = 1
EVPD page 0x83 description association = 0
EVPD page 0x83 description type = 3
World Wide Identifier (WWID) = 0x60050768019b82414000000000000036
Serial number = "020066e09050XX00"
Vendor id = "IBM "
Product id = "2145 "
Product revision = "0000"
Other properties = ""
SPC protocol revision = 4
Open count (includes chr/blk/pass-thru/class) = 0
Raw open count (includes class/pass-thru) = 0
Pass-thru opens = 0
LUN path count = 4
Active LUN paths = 2
Standby LUN paths = 2
Failed LUN paths = 0
Maximum I/O size allowed = 2097152
Preferred I/O size = 2097152
Outstanding I/Os = 0
I/O load balance policy = path_lockdown
Path fail threshold time period = 0
Transient time period = 0
Tracing buffer size = 1024
LUN Path used when policy is path_lockdown = 0/3/0/0/0/0.0x5005076801404828.0x0
LUN access type = NA
Asymmetric logical unit access supported = Implicit
Asymmetric states supported = NA
Preferred paths reported by device = No
Preferred LUN paths = 0
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Re: 11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?

can you plz attach the output of "ioscan -m hwpath"
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Re: 11.31 Only 8 Devices have legacy DSF?

Problem was the Storage guy had not set the OS to HP-UX for the hosts...