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11.31 on paRISC


11.31 on paRISC

Hello all,

Is there someone who have hpux 11iv3 on a rp3440 with the latest quality pack ( sept 09 ) ? If yes, do you have problem with it ?

In my case I have 3 rp3440 with 11iv3 on them. I had kernel panic on all of them. And yes I have a open call with HP. no solution yet. a lot of vmtrace running. a lot of crash dump uploaded to them... I'm sure they will find a solution. but I'm just curious about the 11iv3-pa-risc mix.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: 11.31 on paRISC


Yes I've done this.

The most likely problem here is the system firmware is not up to date.

These systems can run the latest and greatest HP-Ux 11.31. They are certified with apprpopriate firmware installed.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: 11.31 on paRISC

I have one too and so far it appears to be working fine with the sep 09 bundles and at the PDC 46.34 level. You need PDC 45.44 as a minimum level to run v 3.

I hope this is of some help
Help is out there always!!!!!

Re: 11.31 on paRISC

for your information here's my firmware on the three systems :

MP FW : E.03.30
BMC FW : 03.52
System FW : 46.34

So i'm up to date.

Now' I,ll wait for HP to find exactly what my problem is. At this time it's some memory corruption at boot time who wait on the system like a timebomb and without notice crash the system.