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11i upgrade

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Scott McDade
Frequent Advisor

11i upgrade

Does anyone know if a 10.2 to 11i upgrade bundle exists? If so has anyone done it and how painful is it? I have an 10.2 workstation that I have been working on for 12 months and finally have it configured the way I like it. Does the 11i change profile, user-level setting...etc? Anyone info would be appreiated.

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Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: 11i upgrade


applogies for this swift reply but it's getting late in the UK and I've got to go somewhere this evening .... thebest source of info I know on this subject is found at

and I'd always take a backup of my users customisations etc just to be on the safe side regardless.
Bernie Vande Griend
Respected Contributor

Re: 11i upgrade

An upgrade bundle for 10.20 to 11i does exist, but most people including me do not recommend using it.

Your best bet is to do a cold install using similar instructions to those Alex posted above.

The easiest way is to find another disk to do a cold install from and then vgimport any other volume groups you had previously.

We experimented with the upgrade bundle but it just was not clean enough and in some of our tests we ended up having to do a cold install anyway.
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