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11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

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11i v1 and LaserJet 4050


I`ve configured without issues the lj4050 as network printer (printed a test page, too), but I picked "generic" when asked what model I had.. since I didn`t see a 4000 in the list (5000 and 8000 yes...)

So... my question is... where do I find the driver for the LaserJet 40x0 family? I would have expected it in the printer driver section, but there`s everything there, even os2.. except hp own hpux...

(as is now, duplex doesn`t work...)

Thank you,

Alessandro Mazzini
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

HP-UX has woefully inadequate support for printers, especially for HP printers. I don't believe that HP printer driver web pages ever had a section for HP-UX (at least in the last 20 years that I can remember). Here is a link that can get you updated model scripts:

The 4050 is not listed, but the good news is that it does support PCL so you can use the generic LaserJet script: net_ljx000. Note there are no drivers (like windoze). This is just a scripted method to add some options like landscape or duplex.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050


perfect answer, I would say .. and there`s support for the 4050 there, too

HP LaserJet 4000, 5000, 8000 families » net_ljx000.tar
03/27/03 180KB

4050 is a 4000 with some changes in the electronics.

I guess I`ve to delete and readd the printer from scratch, after adding this. Now I wonder why each printer there has not a link to that page, from their own driver pages....

And I wonder why I have native support for th e 5000 and 8000 , but not 4000, when the file has all 3 included. Strange

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

Ehm... after adding it

( /opt/pd/lib/ip/ I suppose)

I`m still not seeing the lj4000 as one of the options

What am I doing wrong ?

(I`ve added the generic pcl3, too.. and I don`t see that one from sam, too)
Honored Contributor

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

The place for printer model scripts is /usr/lib/lp/model.

The permissions and other requirements are listed in the lpadmin(1M) man page.


Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

I`m starting to guess that I need to add things under


just I`ve no idea how...

the files located here

doesn`t seem to exactly match that.

each model inside /model has inside 4 files:

attribute text
driver executable / compiled
ip executable script
ipmap text

Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

you do not have to delete and re-add the printer.

simply copy the driver script of your choice from /usr/lib/lp/model/ to /etc/lp/interface//model.orig/

Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

correction on the last post.

simply copy the driver script of your choice from /usr/lib/lp/model/ to /etc/lp/interface/model.orig/

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

too late, I removed both the physical and the virtual printers...

so... let me understand... what should I do exactly ?

From Sam , creating another printer.. choosing a random one, and after copying the file I want in that path under /etc ?

(path that now is empty, sort of.. /etc/lp/member is totally empty, as are all the other dirs under /etc/lp)

Sam is clearly reading under /opt/pd/lib/model .. isn`t there a way to add a new printer there ?

Re: 11i v1 and LaserJet 4050

I`ve understood now, and by installing the hppi package and configuring from the command line, the printer has been added... but under the LP Spooler area of Sam.

I was originally adding the printer under the HP distributed print service, and it`s under there that I was looking for a way to add more printers support.

Is there a way to add this and other newer printers under HPDPS ?