1850R & SuSe 9.2 Linux

Lou Mourelatos
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1850R & SuSe 9.2 Linux


I am attempting to install suse 9.2 on a 1850R and have run into several issues. The 1850 is configured with dual 600mhz PIII; 384mb RAM, 4-drive SCSI Raid 5+1.

I appearently got the install the work although I can only gain access to console based commands and cannot load any X-System gui's (KDE / Gnome).

In addition, the box locks-up on me after several minutes of use.

I am using an older ATI Rage video card as the intergraded card appearently is unsupported.

Any ideas?

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Re: 1850R & SuSe 9.2 Linux

if you are using old range ATI card, then you can load i810 compatible drivers,

download and try from the following site


Kai-Uwe Schurig
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Re: 1850R & SuSe 9.2 Linux


first note that Suse 9.2 is not official supported by HP on the PL 1850.
Regarding your issue with the video card:
You can also use the vesa driver which comes with Suse,this should work.
Also make sure that you use the latest System ROM available at:


From the release notes:

Updated functionality to alleviate any OS issues when the ATI video driver and health driver are both loaded.

Regarding the lookups:
Maybe the ACPI support for this old server is broken. Try the latest System ROM, change the OS setting in the System Configuration Tool to Windows 2000 (this should set APIC to full table).
If this does not solve the problem, you can disable ACPI by appending the following kernel parameter at boot time: acpi=oldboot

Finally it is a good idea to install the latest HP support pack (PSP), look at




Hope this helps,