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1st time Red Hat 9 install from .iso downloads under Windows

Paul Thomas_7
Occasional Visitor

1st time Red Hat 9 install from .iso downloads under Windows

I have found considerable correspondence about installation of Linux, from any supplier, on Windows machines using the .iso downloads. The instructions are not at all clear, or not existent, as to what to do with the .iso files after md5sum has been run. This is compounded by the "ISO CD" category being offered on the "new" menu in the likes of Nero CD burn. Selecting this category is a snare and delusion and will result in the wholesale production of coasters!

Having done this myself, I engaged brain and alighted on the correct method:
(1) The .iso files are CD images. Burning them as ISO files will put the ISO wrapping around the .ISO file and certainly will not produce a bootable CD image.
(2) Select "CD copy" instead. This will give you the option of copying from an image file.
(3) On Nero, at least, it is expecting the files to have the extension .nrg Rename the .iso files from MSDOS or the command line to "shrike-i386-disc1.nrg", for example.
(4) Select the renamed file from the image file menu. Press "write" and.... off you go. Accept all the defaults in the dialog that follows.
(5) Nero recognises the bootable CDs and those with Joliot extensions and indicates this during the dialog.

I presume that other CD/R software has similar options to Nero, although I have not explored this. The trick is to rename the image files with whatever extension the CD burn software is expecting.
Vitaly Karasik_1
Honored Contributor

Re: 1st time Red Hat 9 install from .iso downloads under Windows

you don't need to rename files, just choose "use all files" in Nero "Open file" menu.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: 1st time Red Hat 9 install from .iso downloads under Windows

In order to get Linux bootable cd's all you need are the iso files windows cd burning software.

Seems that nero, which I'm not familiar with isn't cutting it. Roxio installed will merely let you double click on the iso files. Then you get talked through the build process.

You can even get a slow cd burning program for free from

I've done this a dozen times now.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation