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3500c scanner

stephen cradock_1
Occasional Visitor

3500c scanner

Does anyone have experience getting an HP 3500c scanner to work under Linux? I'm using kernel 2.6.10, debian flavor (Mepis3.3) and the scanner is connected to a USB port. It works fine under Windows XP, the USB subsystem detects it correctly under Linux, but SANE will not connect with it. What I have read so far suggests that there is a new driver by NIASH, but that's not available as a binary, and I'm not into compiling yet...
Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: 3500c scanner

Hello Stephen

Here is the list of supported scanners :

As you can see, HP 3500 is not supported.
Just a tip : for your next scanner, I would recommend a all-in-one (photo smart or office jet) as they have better Linux support :

Personally, I use PhotoSmart 2610 that have perfert Linux support.

Good lcuk.
Learn and explain...
Robert Williams_12
Occasional Visitor

Re: 3500c scanner

I see that Kodjo says that the HP Photosmart
2610 has perfect Linux support, but the 2610
is not listed on the support pages listed
in his post. Where can I learn about the
HP 2610 support for scanning, fax, gimp,

Bob Williams