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3rd party software

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Youlette Etienne_2
Regular Advisor

3rd party software

Hello everyone,

10 points for all who respond!

We are currently evaluting 3rd party HPUX compatible software for a few system administration tasks. So, I figured I would be able to get alot of good evaluation info from other system admins. Here's a list of sys admin areas I am researching software for:

Performance tools (excluding glance and Lund performance metaview)

A backup and restore software that would allow me to run concurrent backups to multiple direct attached DLT drives. I use fbackup, but this will only allow one backup at a time. Not looking for an enterprise solution, we will implementing Backup express sometime in the future. Just looking for local host software.

Security tools- has anyone used Powerbroker? HIDS is consuming too much cpu, still working with HP on this one (please no solutions to this--I've already tried them all).

and finally, Version control.

If possible, do let me know before Friday. I will be on vacation for a couple of weeks starting Friday and would not want to have anyone waiting for points.
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Marvin Strong
Honored Contributor

Re: 3rd party software

Not sure what you features you want your version control to have. I use RCS, its built in and super easy to use.

CVS is also decent.

But it all depends on what your requirements are.
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: 3rd party software

Hi Youlette,

1) Perf => we find with glance/gpm, ps, sar, vmstat, Measurware/PerfView, etc we can get almost everything we need from an OS viewpoint. The Perf team is evaluating TeamQuest, but I don't know if they're going to buy it.

2) Backup => Veritas NetBackup

3) Security -> HP IDS, Symantec ESM, PowerBroker (under eval now), Control-SA, CyberCop, SecureScan

4) Version Control - CM Synergy from TeleLogic or PVCS from Merant

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Chris Vail
Honored Contributor

Re: 3rd party software

For performance tools, Glance is my favorite. But I'm really comfortable with sar, vmstat, netstat and the usual text-based tools. Most 3rd party products use the same libraries anyway, so you end up with the same data, just with prettier pictures.
Backup and restore: Veritas Netbackup, with Legato a close second. Both offer 90 day evaluation licenses, so there's little downside to trying them out.
Security tools: secure shell, tripwire, Bastille, and a good book on security.
Version control: CVS. The price is great: free, and its as good as any out there. I've also heard good things about Visual Source Safe.

Honored Contributor

Re: 3rd party software


Performance tools: Spotlight by Questsoftware; Statspack by Oracle
Version Control: CVS

About Backup, not sure if OMNIback gives this possibility.

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Youlette Etienne_2
Regular Advisor

Re: 3rd party software

Thanks for your responses. It will be very useful.

The list can continue if you come across any others
If at first you don't succeed, change the rules!
Hazem Mahmoud_3
Respected Contributor

Re: 3rd party software

Performance Tools: Glance, Lund, and native HP-UX tools like top/vmstat/etc.

Backup: Veritas (although we use the enterprise version to backup all our other servers as well)

Security: We currently use Powerbroker. We haven't used it to it's full extent yet, but we are working on fully utilizing it soon.

Hope it helps!

Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: 3rd party software


To add to the others good replies,

For backup and restore tasks we use HP OpenView Omniback II (4.1). and Data Protector 5.1

We run concurrent backups, on DLT tapes and LTO tapes. The backups are very efficient and we and very simple to restore as well.

We have HP storage works LSL5000 series library (Ultrium-LTO) Dual tape drives attached to our L1500-7x class servers and DLT7000 Dual tape drives attached to K-360 class servers. And all the backups (on-line / cold) backups run smoothly. We can restore very quickly and had tested our DR process (backup / restore) a number of times.

Indira A
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