40GB hd's in a Compaq Deskpro EP6350
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40GB hd's in a Compaq Deskpro EP6350

Is it possible to use hd's with a capacity of more than 20 GB in this box? The Bios is complaining about Disk failures or system errors but in general the Installation of Debian woody or Mandrake 10 went through without any problems at all...
I suppose that the Deskpro's bios can't handle the MBR of disks with more than 32 GB.
If so, how do I upgrade or patch the bios?

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: 40GB hd's in a Compaq Deskpro EP6350

The only disk gemoetry issues I am aware of are at the 2 GB level. I think the next major issue is 12 TB.

Bios upgrades are pretty limited for compaq desktops.

I Don't think you should have any trouble with a 40 GB drive if it already handles 20 GB drives.

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