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6809 tool chain on HP64000

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6809 tool chain on HP64000


We have a old project developped with 6809 Pascal Tool Chain on HP64000. Now we don't have HP64000 anymore. We have sources, objects (*.r) and executable on configuration management tool .

I want to know if is possible to find a HP 6809 pascal tool chain that can operate without HP64000.

An idea is to find if exist an virtualisation of HP64000 Pascal compiler.

An other idea is to find a 6809 Pascal tool chain where the linker can manage objects  generated by HP64000 system tool chain.

Thanks for your help

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: 6809 tool chain on HP64000

    I know nothing, but if I were looking for info on what I think you're
referring to, I'd start at "".  (But it'll still be obsolete
if you find anything there.)