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7200e and Win98 SE

John Burton_5
Occasional Visitor

7200e and Win98 SE

Hi gang,

Trying to get a 7200e to talk with a Win98SE installation. When installing the
EPAT driver, I can see the drive "light up" for a moment, and sounds like it's
resetting the read/write head, but after that, the 7200 isn't detected.

I check the Device Manager, and I see that the Shuttle EPAT External is in
Alarm. There don't appear to be any conflicts that I can find (ie: everything
else is perfectly happy, and there's nothing else on the parallel chain.

Settings tab: /w95
Driver info tab: Shuttle Technology 04/19/1999
Driver Detail: c:\windows\system\iosubsys\epatap9x.mpd
Version 1.42
c:\windows\system\vmm32\ios.vxd version 4.10.2222
John Burton_5
Occasional Visitor

Re: 7200e and Win98 SE

Just so we know:

This setup worked just great with Win95 SR2 as well as an installation of Win98
First Edition. No hardware changes have been made, this was just a
reinstallation of the OS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.