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Valued Contributor upgrade

We are in the process of upgrading 8.1.6 SE/32 databases to SE/32 and the existing setup is on L2000 series/hpux 11/autoraid/mc service guard.

couple of questions i got,

1. i'm wondering patching QPK bundle of sep. 2002 will alone be sufficient or any other one off patches left ? metalink post 43507.1, suggests to apply the latest support plus bundle and gives a patch lists. are those patches covered under QPK bundle of sep. 02. how to check them.

2. what would be best way to make an image of the OS for recovery purposes before patching.

3. normally, when do you apply HWE bundles. will these bundles have patches related to hp autoraid or mc service gaurd.

4. we have an autoraid attached to L2000 on a mc service cluster, how does this patching affect mc service gaurd. The reason for asking this question is that whenever OS patches are applied we relink oracle libraries ($oracle_home/bin/relink all). so there anything needs to be done similar to that.

think i've asked too many questions. i'll stop here for now. i really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on these.

John Poff
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade

Hi Stan,

1. You will probably be fine with the Sep 2002 QPK bundle. If you download it and pull up the depot in swinstall you should be able to see the individual patches in it and check it against the specific list from your metalink post. You can check on the individual patches here on the ITRC.

2. The best way to make an image of your OS is with Ignite-UX. It's free, it's easy, and it works great.

3. The HWE bundle should cover your AutoRaid, but I'm not positive about that. Your MC/SG patches should be covered in the QPK bundle.

4. The QPK patch bundle will probably need to reboot your system after it has loaded the patches [due to the kernel patches], so you should plan on having your node reboot when you patch it. We like to halt any packages on that node before patching it.

I'd suggest:

Download and install Ignite-UX
Read up on Ignite-UX [or post questions here - lots of good help available]
Make good system backups [I like having two of each system] using Ignite-UX
Download the Sep 2002 QPK bundle and check the patches to make sure Oracle will be happy
Halt the packages on one node and patch it
Bring up the node, bring up the packages, make sure everything looks good, and then
Make another Ignite-UX backup

I hope that helps. We're running with MC/SG and I don't recall having to chase down a lot of extra patches, so I think the QPK will cover you.

Good luck!

John Poff
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade


Here is the link where you can download Ignite-UX:

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade

The Sep 2002 patch bundle would be fine.Please do check whether there are any patches that cause problem with this latest release.
I would go with the bundle that Oracle suggests.

Talking about backup

OS requires a Ignite image of the system.
Use IGNITE to take a backup of the OS(vg00).
Other application files and other user files you can do a normal backup.

Definitely make sure to Take a oracle full backup.

After patches installation Re-linking should make things OK.

//Backup //
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade

Hi stan

1. support plus sept 2002 will be sufficient for oracle 8.1.7
you can check the patch by
#swlist -l fileset|grep -i

2. Ignite is the best way to make image of the system. If you don't like ignite, i suggest you to use tar, this will be a long process as you need to reinstall OS to retrieve from tape in case of system carsh.

3 HWE covers MC/SG autoraid will be covered under QPK

4.after QPK bundle installation machine will reboot. As for as oracle is concerned relinking should solve the problem.
never give up
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade

hi stan,

A few comments.

1. QPK bundle for September 2002 should be OK. My current patches are June2002 and working fine!

2. Ignite. period.
I would also recommend a disk backup (using cp - of course will depened on available disk space) so that in case of something malfunctioning, you can quickly revert back.

Rest, you already have answers above.

Best Regards
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Re: upgrade

thanks to john, manikandan, ravi and yogeeraj. your suggestions were really helpful.

Before patching production machine, i patched one of our staging machines (9000/A class servers) with QPK sept 02 and HWE dec 02, which covered almost all patches on the metalink post 43507.1 except for PHCO_24148 which got superseded by PHCO_27608 so applied them separately.