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9.2 Dataguard on HP Itanium

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9.2 Dataguard on HP Itanium

Hi all,
I try to setup a dataguard configuration with dataguard manager 9.2 on hp ia64 11.23.
During the first step with the dg manager a error "data guard remote process startup failed." is shown!
Following oracle metalink note 214071.1 and 204848.1 did not help!
The same procedure works on pa/risc fine.

Any hints ? Has anyone this installed successfully ?

R. Allan Hicks
Trusted Contributor

Re: 9.2 Dataguard on HP Itanium

The only issue that I bumped into with dataguard was trying to copy files bigger than 2 GB. Had to upgrade perl for that.

With regard to your problem....

Do the 'r' services work from your primary to your standby? What do you get if you type

remsh standyhost -n bdf

Also, try a similar command via the jobs system under oem. It could be that your creditials for the remote host are missing.

Good Luck
"Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible
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Re: 9.2 Dataguard on HP Itanium

at data guard manager press Crtl+P.
enter the path(including perl) e.g. /opt/perl/bin/perl.
This works !

If you use the default (blank path) perl dgm uses the oracle supplied perl -> this causes the error.