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9i copy to dev

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9i copy to dev


I am having trouble refreshing my dev environment with a copy of prod from my backup.

I have a prod and dev on diff boxes which are identicle in every way. Directory names etc.

i am backing up with data protector and
using a repository. In my case it would not backup correctly becasue the dbid's are the same .

I have to keep them the same because
every time i refresh from prod they will end up the same. I dont want to have to change the dbid's of dev after every refresh as this is to be done by the backup operators for the most part.

So to get around that i created a second schma
in the reposotory and i created a second
recovery catalog there. So i backup prod
in one catalog and dev in the other.

that seems to work fine.

When i try to do a refresh :

I shutdown dev.

Restore the prod controlfile to an alternate
location and copy it over to dev.

Then i startup mount dev.

Theni try to restore the database to an alternate location, being dev.

When i do this it tells me that this controlf ile is not for this database.

Im not sure why this is.

Is it trying to restore the controlfile again?

Should i be able to jsut restore the datafiles themselves , instead of the entire database
and then open the database ?

any thoughts are appreciated .


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Re: 9i copy to dev

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Piergiacomo Perini
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Re: 9i copy to dev

Hi Tom, welcome to ITRC forum.

For your dev db the scenario coul be
something like simulation of loss of all data files and the current control files, but the online redo logs are safe.

You restore all data files. You still have your existing online redo logs (copy taken from prod). The current log of that set will contain the last possible SCN number.Therefore, your server process
is once again able to read the SCNs in all the data files AND in the current
redo log. It then knows what SCN to roll the data files forward to. And it
creates a new set of control files for you. So your database could be completely

This is my thought.

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Re: 9i copy to dev

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