A4033A monitor with RedHat6.x

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Richard Lathom
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A4033A monitor with RedHat6.x

I am trying to find the specs on an A4033A 20" color monitor so I can properly use it with a PC running RedHat 6.x Linux. It works fine right now but I'm unsure if it is setup properly. I used "D1187A" when running Xconfigurator, which is described as a 19" color monitor. Anyone know where I can find that info? I wandered around the ITRC site for 1/2 hour but found nothing that gave the specs (e.g. horizontal/vertical sync range, vertical refresh range, etc).

Also, as an aside, how does one set the display to the various supported screen resolutions, in order to see how each looks and choose one for permanent use. Then , how do you set it to always use a set resolution.

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Richard Lathom

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Jerome Fenal_1
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Re: A4033A monitor with RedHat6.x

A try on Google gives (first answer : http://www.monitorworld.com/Monitors/hp/hp21.html) :

Model: A4033A
Max Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Sync Type: Sync on Green
H Freq/ V Freq: 20-85khz/50-120 hz
Tube Manufacturer: SONY
Monitor Type: Not Available
Tube Model: Not Available
Tube Size: 20"
Connector: 5 BNC


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Richard Lathom
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Re: A4033A monitor with RedHat6.x

Thanks, that was what I needed. Hadn't thought of looking outside HP's website. Why, I can't say. Just a "senior" moment on my part, I guess.