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ACE Install on HPUX 11.0

Jennifer Chiarelli
Regular Advisor

ACE Install on HPUX 11.0

I am confused about what ACE is and how to install it. I have a J2240 which I have upgraded to 11.0. I have patched the system with the Mar2000 Patch Bundle. I now believe that I failed to install ACE. I have read several other posts in this forum about ACE. They say to use the Dec 99 CD. But not what CD or what item(s) on the CD. I have all CD's for last 3+ years. I'm looking at the Dec 2000 "Additional Core Enhancement" CD. This is obviuosly a special CD. If I do a match was my system has, it selects nothing! If I look throught the CD I can find no reference to a ACE package or option to install. The J2240 originally had 10.20ACE installed. When I check the system using swlist -l product|grep ACE, it is not there. Can someone explain ACE to me? And how to install it properly?
It's a binary world!
Jennifer Chiarelli
Regular Advisor

Re: ACE Install on HPUX 11.0

I placed a call to HP support and have determined that ACE is installed on my J2240. The command swlist -l fileset|grep -i ACE (as supplied by James Ferguson in another question) provided the answer. I now realize that ACE is a collection of patches. However it is confusing since there is no reference to "ACE" or "ACE 9911" or "9911" on the system or the CD's! Here is the list from the swlist -l fileset|grep -i ACE command:
# CDE B.11.00 HP-UX CDE User Interface

Glance.GPM C.02.40.000 HP GlancePlus Motif inter
face files
# MeasurementInt C.02.40.000 HP-UX Measurement Interfa
ce for 11.0
MeasurementInt.MI C.02.40.000 HP-UX Measurement Interfa
ce for 11.0
# PHKL_16209 1.0 fix race conditions in UP
# PHKL_17019 1.0 ttrace(2) man page update

# PHKL_17038 1.0 Data Page Fault when fiel
d vmtrace'ng fix
# PHKL_17048 1.0 Obsolete /usr/include/mac
# PHKL_20152 1.0 Enable Superio Core Inter
# PHKL_20153 1.0 Enable SuperIO parallel i
# PHKL_20155 1.0 Enable SuperIO floppy dri
ve interface
# PHKL_20162 1.0 I/O space HPMC fix for ne
w workstations
# PHKL_20223 1.0 mmap panic fix + large da
ta space (2 of 8)
# PHKL_20225 1.0 Large Data Space (4 of 8)

# PHKL_20226 1.0 Large Data Space (5 of 8)

# PHKL_20228 1.0 Large Data Space (7 of 8)

# PHKL_20229 1.0 Large Data Space (8 of 8)

# PHKL_20647 1.0 mmap/munmap fixes, large
data space
# PHKL_20995 1.0 Large Data Space (part) +
VM cumulative
# PHKL_21039 1.0 semget;large data space;m
# PHKL_21610 1.0 Large Data Space, kernel
memory leak fix
# PHKL_22589 1.0 LOFS, select(), IDS/9000
and umount race fix
# PHKL_22635 1.0 fix ufs inode hangs & rac
e of mkdir, umount
# PHKL_22744 1.0 VM, async, hyperfabric, t
trace, buffer cache
# PHNE_16159 1.0 traceroute general patch

PHNE_18218.NETTL-ADM 1.0 NetTL administrative inte
# PHNE_18878 1.0 Fix for Streams Pty MP ra
ce condition
Sup-Tool-Mgr.STM-UI-RUN B. HPUX Support Tools Manage
r User Interface
SystemAdmin.OBAM-HELP B.11.00 On-line Help for System A
dministration User Interface Tools
SystemAdmin.OBAM-RUN B.11.00 System Administration Use
r Interface Tools
It's a binary world!
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: ACE Install on HPUX 11.0

Hi Lanny:

"ACE" stands (stood) for "Additional Core Enhancments". These were issued to provide new hardware and driver support and were added on top of the "core" OS install.

Document #ACEKBRC00001585 notes, part:


The November 1999 11.0 Install/Update/Recovery CD-ROM contains an ACE release (Additional Core Enhancements) of HP-UX. These enhancements are required to install the above workstations Bx000/Cxx00/Jxx00 as well as the Lx000 servers.

In the past, the ACE releases have been given names similar to:

B6193AA Workstation ACE for HP-UX 10.20 (July 1997)
B6378AA s700 Networking ACE for HP-UX 10.20 (April 1998)

A naming change was introduced with this 11.0 ACE CD-ROM (B3782-10470). The ACE bundle is identified on this CD-ROM as:

XSWGR1100 B. General Release Patches, November 1999 (ACE)


Thus, if you have current GR bundles (which you should), you have the "Additional Core Enhancements" installed.


Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: ACE Install on HPUX 11.0

Not that it makes it any clearer but fyi :

Note no ACE for 11.xx to download of this site !

hpux 11.0 ACE Install & Core OS S/W CD contains :

Latest version of hp-ux 11.0 O/S

new version of hpux 11.0 install kernel

current hpux 11.0 patch bundle XSWGR1100

Media kits for PA-RISC workstations contain a new CD - hpux 11.0 Core O/S options which contains HP B6268AA Graphics & Technical computing S/W ..... provides the Graphics Libs/ API's eg openGL, starbase, phigs etc.....
Tin Che Ko
Occasional Advisor

Re: ACE Install on HPUX 11.0

Hi, there:
Does that mean if I have XSWGR1100 after Nov 1999, then I have ACE installed? I'm really confused. For examples, Mar 2001 Core OS CD has Nov 1999 XSWGR1100 inside and HP calls this CD "with ACE". However, Mar 2001 Support Plus CD has Mar 2001 XSWGR1100 (says nothing about ACE). Should I install Nov 1999 or Mar 2001? Or Install Mar 2001 on the top of Nov 1999.
Thanks for any help.