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ACPI and Linux with hp zt1170

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ACPI and Linux with hp zt1170

i've gotten some function from the ACPI by editing some of the ACPI code in the kernel.
However it still doesn't work very well.
the sound problem using the via82cxxx_audio driver is now fixed, battery and ac_adapter information is not available. thermal information is available.

the fix is here:

still getting errors.

most errors have this:
ectransx-0199 [28] ec_read : Unable to send 'read command' to EC

anybody had success getting a fully functional ACPI system
James Wilson_5
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Re: ACPI and Linux with hp zt1170

This is not for everyone, but using the bleeding edge 2.5.31 kernel enables just about all the ACPI features.
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Re: ACPI and Linux with hp zt1170

well i have gotten my information now.
i found ectransx.c about line 51 i changed the variable i from 100 to 1000.
it appears that the laptop was slow in its response. the time out was causing the error.
with a value of 100 the timeout is 1 millisecond. so now it's 10 milliseconds

i've heard that the 2.5 kernel has made some improvements on acpi, but i'd rather not use a beta kernel.
thanks for the response.
phil bice