ACPI and frequency scaling on NX6325 using Ubuntu

Torbjørn Moen
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ACPI and frequency scaling on NX6325 using Ubuntu


I'm having a few problems with my new NX6325 and Ubuntu Egdy (6.10). First of all, my fans will not start when the CPU is getting hot. I don't think I need to tell you guys how BAD this is! I've been told that this is an ACPI-problem and I've seen some "fixes" for this on the web, but none of them have worked for me. The battery-indicator (acpi) isn't reporting correctly so sometimes when I'm working on my computer it just shutdown from an empty battery when ACPI report that I have like 80% of battery left.

My second problem is frequency scaling not working. Both cores run at 800MHz at all times. I have powernowd installed and running, but not making any difference. I don't know if this is ACPI-related or not.

I'm also getting a lot of "APIC error on CPU0: 40(40)"-errors in syslog. Can't seem to graps what it's doing (or not doing).

I'm running bios F02, I know F00 have a lot of "ACPI-errors" and waited to buy this laptop until the F02-bios came which supposedly fixed ACPI-errors. Is it still the BIOS on the laptop that still is the problem, or is the BIOS "fixed" and the problem is the ACPI-software in the linux-kernel? And if the problem is in the HP BIOS, when will this be fixed? I'm seriously considering going back to ThinkPad, they work out of the box with all Linux-distros and don't claim anything. HP claims that this laptop is certified with SUSE Linux, but I'm having the same problems there.
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: ACPI and frequency scaling on NX6325 using Ubuntu

Hello Torbjørn,

I got a nx6325 too, but I'm running SUSE 10.1 with a self compiled kernel on it. I wrote a short description how to fix it, it's for SUSE, but it should work on Ubuntu too.

It's important to apply the listet patch to the kernel, otherwise you won't be able load your "own" DSDT file. The DSDT file which you can download on my page was created on my nx6325, (BIOS F02, Turion64 TL-52).

Try it, it worked for me. :)

Best regards,