ACPI and mandrake 9.1

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ACPI and mandrake 9.1


(sorry fr my english)

i've a presario 2500 (2510EA) but, i've some problems with the power managment.

i've installed kdeutils (with apm) but when i click on the litlle battery near the clock, i've a message " unable to find de power panager)

i've installed the acpi package, but, on the boot, i've an error message 'acpi could not be start)

does anybody can help help ?
Hrvoje Habjanic
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Re: ACPI and mandrake 9.1

Hi there!

1. kdeutils - power toys are working ONLY with APM support in kernel (in other words, you mast have kernel that have APM support compiled in, and NOT ACPI)
2. acpi is still in WERY EARLY developement stage, so doesn't expect much ...
3. check your dmesg output - there should be somentihg about APM - if not, try recompiling kernel WITH apm and WITHOUT acpi ...

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Re: ACPI and mandrake 9.1

Hi BeN !

Well, I've seen that you installed the mdk 9.1 on your Presario. How did you do this ??? I've got a Presario 2500 (2528EA) and I've nerver could installed it in anyway (linux nofirewire to install and it freezes when it detects the firewire).
Could you please tell me how have you made this ?
Thank you very much.